Things to be included in a Paystub

A pay stub is a document, which is generally given to the employees along with their paycheck attached to it on their payday. This document itemizes all the revenue made by employees during their work hour. This document displays the total earning of the employee during a particular period. This document should generally be attached with their paycheck  and are given to the employees else if the payment is made directly to the employees’ account, then the pay slip is either given directly by the employer or printable online paystub is made available on the net.

It is preferable for employees to review paystubs and to maintain a physical or digital copy of it. It is a confidential document and can be proved useful for justifying statements relative to the pay. Certain inclusions make a perfect paystub and some of the following inclusions are:-

  • A paystub displays gross pay which is the amount without any deductions made due to tax and medical care. It includes various taxes. The tax percentage varies from 10% to 39.6% and the taxes are charged after analyzing income.
  • States have their own tax rates and some match with the system of IRS. Suppose a person is a resident of one state and seeks a job in any other state. So, in this case, the person’s income would not be taxed by both the states, it would be charged by one’s residential state.
  • This document also includes deductions of insurance such as health, dental, vision, life, disability- and a person might contribute towards any of the insurance plans. It also contains FICA deductions that contribute towards societal Medicare.

So in short a paystub is a confidential document given along with the paychecks to the employees. It includes the total details of the pay of an employee during a specific period of time. It includes all the deductions made due to tax, garnishment charges, state charges and FICA charges.

If you need a perfect paystub, just go to the website of Pay Stubs at It is a reputed online pay stub generator and you will get an error-free final report.

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Paystubs are basic for laborers. Possibly this file is the primary legitimate record that a man has as a proof of his or her remuneration. With the advancement of web, various stages have risen that offer online pay stub generator organizations. Disregarding the way that you can use separated methodologies to create pay stubs for your agents yet then you ought to either spend an impressive measure of money or an unprecedented measure of time. A considerable number of associations in the United States are currently using on the web paystub generator stages. is the best stage out there using which you can deliver a few remuneration stubs inside minutes. On our site you even get those features that distinctive players in the market don’t set out to offer.

Minimum costly Solution

We offer pay stub age advantage and not any more engaged expenses. Our outlines start as low as $4.95 per pay stub. By and by, you will prepared to influence pay to stub for your specialists by spending altogether less money.

Easy To Use

A substantial part of the online pay stub generator stages are much questionable to use. Regardless, using is extremely basic. You just need to fill the unobtrusive components of your association and the laborer in the casing available at our point of arrival. Before getting the completed adjustment of the chronicle, you can similarly tap on the see catch to check whether each one of the purposes of intrigue that you have filled are flawless or not. In the wake of doing the portion, we will send the pay stub at your email address.

Use Your Company Logo

In case you are a firm, by then it is crucial that the pay stub of your specialists in like manner use the logo of the association. Doing that is truly direct with our online gadget. You basically need to tap on the “Pay Stub With Logo” elective from the course menu and you will be given an edge that moreover fuses a place to join association logo.

Mass Pay Stubs

Pay stub age can take an extensive measure of time if you use numerous delegates. In any case, don’t worry since also empowers the customers to deliver up to 1099 pay stubs in one back. There is no convincing motivation to fill the inconspicuous components one by one, you can do all that in just a lone progress. The mass pay stub age writing computer programs is an astonishing instrument that can help your extensive firm.

One Stop Solution For Freelancer And Self-Employed

Autonomously utilized people like advisors go up against an extensive measure of issue with respect to pay stubs. As they are not used by a firm, they don’t stall out in a deplorable circumstance while taking advances from banks. presents itself as an easy to use arrange for the freely utilized people besides. Essentially fill your pay unobtrusive components and download your pay stub inside a matter of minutes.

Shielded And Secure

We send pay stubs as an association with your email address, with the objective that you don’t lose it. Regardless, don’t stretch paying little mind to the likelihood that you have eradicated that mail from your record. You can essentially go to our webpage and interest for a copy through the “Re-Download” elective.

Creating paystub is an easier process now!

If you are into entrepreneurship, you will be aware of the tiresome process of preparing the paystubsevery month and recording it. Gone are the days of sitting endlessly and using pen and paper to write the payments of your employees. Technology has empowered us in many ways, and the digital boom has revolutionised our lives. Likewise, pay stub creation has become so easier in the digital scenario.
Pay– enables users to generate paystubs at a click away. You can select the apt one that fits your requirement from There are many pay stub templates available, so that you will find the right one for your needs. Pay– is committed in providing the users hassle free experience.
The paystub generator is here for your assistance and pay check creation will turn into a hassle free experience with it. You can easily fill in the details like employee, employee information, tax deduction, and the pay stub will be generated within a moment’s time. You can download, print and share with your employees effortlessly. It helps you to save time, and settle the accounts precisely.
Moreover, you will have access to the accounts and prepare the paystubs anytime and anywhere with the help of an online paystubs generator. The best part of an online paystub generator is that you can view anytime and anywhere at your convenience. It will benefit the employer as well as employees. The online paystub generator will include all essential fields, including personal info, employer’s name, tax deduction, net pay, state tax etc.

Generating Pay Stubs within No Time

Pay stub is a very important paper document when it comes to maintaining a record of an employee’s salary or working hours. It includes all the information regarding pay from the employer. Creating a pay stub at your own can be a little tricky. However, you don’t have to worry much as we are here to solve all your problems regarding pay stubs. is an easy to use tool to create online paystubs within no time. It is a famous pay stub generator that doesn’t eat your head much. By just following a few simple steps you will be presented with your pay stub. Most of the major online pay stubs generator websites cost a lot to the individuals but at you will have to pay just $5 for one pay stub. You are also given some customization options. You can choose to print your pay stub with a colored background or with a white background. You can also view the existing samples before proceeding.

The first step that you will need to perform before generating your pay stub is opening of in your web browser. On the homepage only you will find many different options. You can also go with the pay stub with company logo option but in that case you will have to upload the logo of your company.

Just fill up all the fields of the form and hit the “Preview Your Stub” button. The next page will present you the preview of your pay stub. If you are satisfied with all the information and design of the pay stub, you can click on “Pay Now” button. If not, you can click on the “Edit” button and repeat the whole process again.

The moment you complete the payment, you will be welcomed with your final Pay Stub on your screen. Now you can download and print your newly created pay stub. A copy of this pay stub will also be sent to your E-mail address.

Your pay stub always remains safe at If you want to download a copy of the pay stub that you have already created, just navigate to the “Re-Download My Stubs” page and provide your E-mail address. can prove to be a great tool if you are owner of a business. Managing salary accounts is really a tough task but with this simple tool, you will be able to create unlimited number of salary stubs without much effort. It can save your time and worry for sure.

How to create an authentic pay stub online

Making hundreds of paystubs has turned an easy job that can be completed within minutes using an online pay stub generator, thanks to new age technology. That too, regardless of space and time, provided you have access to the software. There were days in which the hectic job of creating pay stub for employees makes sleepless nights for employers. In present scenario, it is done more accurately in a limited time span with the help of online pay stubs.


Paystub is important for the employee as well as the employer to record the salary and tax deductions. There are a few tips to consider before you chose the right pay stub generator for your employees.
Mainly, you need to be clear about your requirements. There are many templates available with different fields. You may be paying hourly or monthly or bimonthly or even daily for your employees.
Make sure that the template you selected has all the necessary fields as per your need. It is important to include all essential details of the employee, so that it will be authentic as well as helpful for them. offers a variety of pay stub templates and you can have a free preview before downloading it. It takes only few seconds to complete the pay stub creation. The pay stub calculator helps to keep your accounts accurate. You just need to fill in the details and leave the rest of the calculation to the auto calculator. It is perfectly authentic as well as highly accurate.

Know The Real From The Fake

In the present age of technology, it is not easy to differentiate a real stub from a fake one. But it is not that tough for those who know where and what to look for. It is the small little things that give the secret away. Below is a list of items that anybody should look for in a pay stub as soon as they are presented with one:

  • The digits and the decimal points – the digits should be arranged in a perfect line and according to various heads and columns. The decimals too should be uniform in nature, i.e., the numbers will be presented with constant decimal places. If there is any variation, then more often than not, it is a fake paystub. Simply put, it should be as organized as possible.


  • Proper accounting for every instant clocked – the accountants just love numbers. If possible, they might even want to account for every breath a company employee takes. This stands true for the pay stub too. Every penny will be accounted for and properly segregated. The estimations and round offs will be at a minimum. Hence, if there are more of these on your pay stub than those absolutely necessary, a lot of alarm bells should go off. It might be time to recheck with the company how genuine the pay stub it.


  •  General look and feel – no, it does not have to come on a golden paper but it should feel real. This point is more about the gut feeling and general feel once you view the pay stub. Does it look official and feels as if an accountant would have created it? Are all the logos right and appropriately placed? Is every part of the stub legible and easily comprehensible?

These are some of the red herrings to look for in a pay stub. That is why a lot of companies prefer as an online paystubs generator for their employees.

Importance of Pay Stubs for a Business Entrepreneur

Paystub generator comes out as the software using which a business entrepreneur can set up a

better infrastructure managing all the records for the employees working at the company.

Manifold companies today develop the paystub software accompanied with the advanced

features and the user-friendly backdrop. Therefore, the users can operate the system easily

without facing any sort of difficulties. Such software helps to manage the employee records and

track the payroll that’s useful to execute the system flawlessly. Even the user can get a printed

copy of all the information that can be another important feature beneficial for all the users.


Basic Features


Here are given the essential attributes of pay stubs that would develop a better set up for the

entire company. Consider the following points:

  • It should include the Laser/Dot Matrix Support
  • The software needs to come out with the option of non-taxable repayments
  • Make sure the software develops more than one local preservations
  • The software should allow the option for a print out version of the employer pay outline
  • Printed version would show up the pay stub along with year-to-date summary

Now, you need to ensure that you possess the suitable system supporting the backdrop for the

particular type of software.


Get the Exclusive Pay Stub Templates


At, you can get the option to choose the feasible pay stub template that would suit

your business requirements. However, if you were looking for a check stub then these templates

would not be suitable for you. You can get the templates either for managing employee records

or even the information as a self-employed. In this respect, you can carry out certain research

work knowing which one can be the best fit for you revealing the optimistic facets. Once, you

get the suitable software you can comprehend the real time utilities handling the entire payroll

system in a hassle-free way.


Security Measures


Before you start using the online pay stubs, you need to make sure, that you are able to meet the

privacy features accompanied with the modern set up. Sometimes, the free online pay stubs are

not equipped with the necessary features an d thus you may not be able to get the right

calculation. Hence, you should be well aware about the attributes that form the platform to make

out the accurate computation.



Finally, you can get the complete pay summary free from any mistakes within a short span that

would help you to save your time as well as effort.