Things to be included in a Paystub

A pay stub is a document that is generally given to employees along with their paycheck attached to it on their payday. This document itemizes all the revenue made by employees during their work hours. This document displays the total earnings of the employee during a particular period. This document should generally be attached to their paycheck and given to the employees; otherwise, if the payment is made directly to the employees’ account, then the pay slip is either given directly by the employer or a printable online paystub is made available on the net.

It is preferable for employees to review paystubs and to maintain a physical or digital copy of them. It is a confidential document and can be proved useful for justifying statements relative to the pay. Certain inclusions make a perfect paystub, and some of the following include:

  • A paystub displays gross pay, which is the amount without any deductions made due to tax and medical care. It includes various taxes. The tax percentage varies from 10% to 39.6%, and the taxes are charged after analyzing income.
  • States have their own tax rates, and some match the system of the IRS. Suppose a person is a resident of one state and seeks a job in any other state. So, in this case, the person’s income would not be taxed by both states; it would be charged by one’s residential state.
  • This document also includes deductions for insurance such as health, dental, vision, life, and disability, and a person might contribute towards any of the insurance plans. It also contains FICA deductions that contribute towards societal Medicare.

So, in short, a paystub is a confidential document given along with the paychecks to the employees. It includes the total details of the pay of an employee during a specific period of time. It includes all the deductions made due to tax, garnishment charges, state charges, and FICA charges.

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