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It is great that you are self-dependent in every aspect of your life, but this article will focus on those individuals who are not and employ others. In this era where our lives are busier than anything, there are certain tasks (caring for your child while doing the job or driving your car while reading a newspaper) that cannot be done by you alone. In these cases, you might want to employ other people.

You might be wondering why I am discussing this kind of thing on a website that generates online paystubs. Well, paystubs are important for everyone, even for those whom you employ. Caretakers, drivers, and servants all need pay stubs to get loans or apartments. In fact, they will require a pay stub in order to pay taxes. The money you pay them is their income, and for all income-related documentation, showing pay stubs is as important as anything.

Generating pay stubs on your own for the caretakers, drivers, or anyone else whom you employ might seem like an easy task to you. However, it gets complicated over time. The most brain-heating (or, you can say, brain-eating) task is making the year-to-date calculations. Moreover, you might end up wasting a lot of your valuable time doing a task that could have been done easily otherwise.

Save Time

You know what? You can save all that time just by logging on to our website. is an online pay stub generator and using it is really simple. You just have to fill in some of the necessary details, and all other calculations are done automatically from our side. If you are getting a little worried about trusting a pay stub generator, then don’t. A large number of businesses are using our platform to generate pay stubs for their employees.

The Lowest Fee

It is true that there are many other online pay stub generators, but what makes us different is our price. We can assure you that our price of $5 per pay stub is the lowest in the market, and the services that we provide are of top-notch quality.

Full Control provides full control over the design of your paystub. You can choose from any of the two templates that are available on our website. You also have the option of putting a logo on top of your pay stub.

Safe and Secure

It does not matter how many pay stubs you generate using our platform; everything is safe with us. When you generate and download a pay stub, a copy of the same is also sent to your electronic mailbox. Moreover, you can also download any pay stub that was generated on our platform years ago. Wait! There is more to it. You are also given the option to see samples before you proceed to create your own pay stub. Isn’t that cool?

So, what are you waiting for now? Just use this easy-to-use and low-cost tool to generate pay stubs for those whom you employ.

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