Know The Real From The Fake

In the present age of technology, it is not easy to differentiate a real stub from a fake one. But it is not that tough for those who know where and what to look for. The small details are what reveal the secret. Below is a list of items that anybody should look for in a pay stub as soon as they are presented with one:

  • The digits and the decimal points—the digits should be arranged in a perfect line and according to various heads and columns. The decimals too should be uniform in nature, i.e., the numbers will be presented with constant decimal places. If there is any variation, then, more often than not, it is a fake paystub. Simply put, it should be as organized as possible.
  • Proper accounting for every instant clocked—the accountants just love numbers. If possible, they might even want to account for every breath a company employee takes. This stands true for the pay stub too. Every penny will be accounted for and properly segregated. The estimations and round-offs will be at a minimum. Hence, if there are more of these on your pay stub than are absolutely necessary, a lot of alarm bells should go off. It might be time to recheck with the company how genuine the pay stub is.
  • General look and feel: no, it does not have to come on golden paper, but it should feel real. This point is more about the gut feeling and general feeling once you view the pay stub. Does it look official and feel as if an accountant would have created it? Are all the logos right and appropriately placed? Is every part of the stub legible and easily comprehensible?

These are some of the red herrings to look for in a pay stub. That is why a lot of companies prefer as an online paystubs generator for their employees.

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