Effortlessly Create IRS-Compliant W2 Forms with Our Secure W2 Maker

Effortlessly Create IRS-Compliant W2 Forms with Our Secure W2 Maker

The W2 form, also referred to as a Wage & Tax Statement, is an IRS tax form that your company needs to send to each employee and the IRS yearly. The form’s objective is to report wages and tax withheld back for each of your company’s employees.

How Do I Create a W-2 for Employees?

To create a W-2 form for your employees, you can either send all of them the one that the IRS provides or use a professionally made design template from a third party. As long as it has the required information, it will be legal and legitimate.

Why Do You Need a W2 Form or W2 Maker?

If You Work for a Company

If you work for a company, you might wonder why you receive a W2 form every year. Well, the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) makes sure that employers take out a portion of your salary for income taxes. These taxes go to the government, and it’s the company’s job to handle this process. To keep things in order, the IRS asks companies to fill out a special form for each employee, known as the W2 Form. This form shows how much money you earned and how much tax was taken out of your paycheck. It’s a legal requirement for companies to give you this form every year.(Source: w2 creator)

If You’re an Employee

As an employee, you have the right to get a W2 form from your employer. Typically, you’ll receive it early in the new year. Why is this important? Well, you’ll need it when you file your annual tax return. This form provides a summary of your income and the taxes you’ve already paid. So, it’s like a report card for your finances.

Tips for Using W2 Forms

Filling out the W2 Form with W2 maker is quite simple. You just need some basic information about the employee, like their name, social security number, address, and details about their wages. You’ll also need to include the amounts for income tax, Social Security tax, and Medicare tax that were taken from their paychecks. 

In a nutshell, the W2 form is a key player in the tax world. It ensures that both employers and employees are on the same page when it comes to income and taxes. Create W2 forms effortlessly using our secure W2 maker. Simply input your details, preview the form, make the payment, and receive the completed form via email. Fast, accurate, and IRS-compliant!